The 31-year-old star is taking on the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter, the mad transsexual scientist played by Tim Curry in the 1975 film, in a new U.S. TV version. It is her first ever singing role.

Ahead of filming the madcap musical, originally penned as a stage show by British actor and performer Richard O'Brien, the transgender actress and activist worried about potential criticism.

"People can be very... challenging and critical, but I put everything I had into this," Laverne tells Entertainment Tonight. "I gave 250 percent, and I hope people like what we came up with."

However she drew strength from the support of hardcore fans of the cult cross-dressing comedy, who have helped it become a global cultural phenomenon by performing in 'shadow casts' who dress-up, sing and act out scenes at screenings or performances of the stage show.

In particular, she's delighted that superfan Sal Piro, who has been president of the fan club of the movie and stage show since 1977, has given her an enthusiastic thumbs up.

"He (Sal) met me and he said, 'I'm so excited. I think you're absolutely the perfect person to do this,'" Laverne says. "We met some other people who do shadow cast in Philadelphia. Actually, they were on set and they saw some footage, and they were really excited. So, hardcore Rocky fans seem to be on board with this, and that means the world to me."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which will also star R&B star Christina Milian, singer Adam Lambert and original star Tim Curry, 70, is set to air on U.S. TV network Fox later this year (16).