Laverne Cox has apologised to Metallica for snubbing them in her Grammy introduction.

The 'Orange is the New Black' actress gave a speech to welcome the rock band and collaborator Lady GaGa to the stage at Los Angeles' Staples Center on Sunday (12.02.17) but accidentally forgot to name them in her introduction, prompting a backlash from fans.

In her speech she said: ''We all begin somewhere. Great bands usually begin in someone's garage or basement or some empty warehouse.

''And if they're really good, part of them always stays there. Ladies and gentlemen, and all my gender-non binary peeps watching tonight, eight-time Grammy Award winners and six-time Grammy Award winner, Lady Gaga!''

After a number of angry posts on social media, Laverne, 32, took to her own Twitter page to apologise.

She said: ''I am so sorry to #Metallica and all their fans. I am told I didn't say their names during the intro. Love you Metallica. You rock.''

Sadly for Metallica, things didn't get much better for them as seconds into the performance of 'Moth Into Flame', it became apparent that James Hetfield's microphone wasn't switched on, meaning he ended up having to share with Gaga to finish his vocals.

He let his unhappiness be shown at the end of the performance by angrily kicking down his mic stand and throwing his guitar to the ground.

Ahead of the performance, Gaga revealed she'd gotten a tattoo of a moth on her back to commemorate the duet.

She showed off a photo of the inking on Instagram and wrote: ''The Moth & Metallica #ink #tattoo #MothIntoFlame #MetalliGa #metal #grammys @metallica (sic)''