LATEST: SIR Laurence Olivier's widow DAME Joan Plowright has angered the late actor's son by publicly refusing to deny her husband's purported bisexuality. Last week (27AUG06) Olivier's third wife was asked on BBC Radio 4's DESERT ISLAND DISCS show whether there was any truth in reports Olivier had gay relationships with actor HENRY AINLEY in the 1930s, and actor Danny Kaye. Plowright hinted Olivier was indeed bisexual, claiming he had "demons", but producer TARQUIN OLIVIER - the WUTHERING HEIGHTS star's son with first wife JILL ESMOND - furiously insists his father was straight. He says, "My father had more gay friends than anyone I can think of, and, if he had ever shown the slightest degree of interest in any of them, I have no doubt they would have had their way with him. "But the fact is he never did - and it is preposterous to suggest otherwise."