Laurence Olivier's son TARQUIN has written a biopic about his father's stormy marriage to screen beauty Vivien Leigh.

The 68-year-old, born during the HAMLET actor's first marriage to actress JILL ESMOND, has already attempted to abolish rumours and reveal the truth about his father's romantic conquests in the biography MY FATHER, LAURENCE OLIVIER.

But he's determined to shed more light on Olivier's turbulent relationship with Leigh by reconstructing it for the big screen.

A family member says, "Tarquin has been working on this for years. This is his own version of the Larry and Vivien story: how they met and how their relationship developed. His father was very much seduced by Vivien, and Tarquin's mother was heartbroken at the time.

"The big problem when it comes to a film about these two is who do you get to play them? Maybe there are a few beautiful actresses who could play Vivien but who could possibly play Olivier?"

Tarquin adds of his father's second marriage, "From 1945, when Vivien lost her baby, she developed a terrible mental problem that I think was induced by the miscarriage. My father's patience and loyalty were absolutely astonishing. She had a nervous breakdown most years after that."

Olivier had already began an affair with the Gone With The Wind actress when his son was born in 1936, even though she too was married. They both divorced and got married in 1940.

Olivier and Leigh divorced in 1960, seven years before Leigh died from tuberculosis - by which time the legendary actor was married to his third wife Joan Plowright.

19/01/2005 13:53