Hollywood veterans Laurence Mark and Bill Condon will take charge of the Oscars telecast for the first time next year (09).
Mark will produce the show on 22 February (09), while writer-director Condon will be executive producer.
The pair was given the job because Academy Awards bosses wanted "fresh thinkers" to give the prizegiving a new look.
Mark says, "We haven't done anything like this before... It's both daunting and the gig of a lifetime."
The two friends worked together on 2006's Dreamgirls and Condon won a screenplay Oscar for 1998's Gods and Monsters.
Mark and Condon now must pick a host for the 2009 Oscars.
Mark says, "The casting of any movie is crucial to the success of the movie, and we believe the same is true with any kind of awards show. The casting of the host is a big deal."