British star Laurence Fox considered snubbing the family business and joining the army instead of becoming an actor.

Fox comes from a family of famous thespians - his father is actor James Fox, while his uncles Edward and Robert have both enjoyed successful careers onscreen, along with his sister Emilia.

The Gosford Park star has now revealed he had another career in mind before he decided to follow in his relatives' footsteps.

In a piece for Britain's The Times newspaper, he writes, "I considered joining the army myself, and got quite close to doing it. I did Combined Cadet Force training at school, and it was probably one of the only things that I was successful at. It was the order more than anything that appealed to me. I actually quite liked the drill. I've got quite a wayward mind and I like it ordered... I was a bit of a glutton for the night exercises... It was my macho brain that wanted to be in the army."

However, Fox admits he gave up his dream after discovering he didn't enjoy taking orders, adding, "In the end, I didn't go in because I wasn't very good at being told what to do."