THE MATRIX star Laurence Fishburne's image has been painted onto the side of a Hollywood school - even though he only attended it for six weeks.

The Georgia-born actor briefly attended Hollywood High School before leaving to pursue his movie career, but it hasn't stopped him from having his face painted on the side of the institution, alongside such celebrities as James Garner, JOHN RITTER, Judy Garland, Fay Wray and Rita Wilson.

He says "I went to Hollywood High School for six weeks in 1979 when I came out here to try to continue pursuing my career as an actor.

"I got painted on the wall 'cause I was a part of their drama program and the teacher, MR MILTON - who passed away recently, God rest his soul - he remembered me for my work and that's why I'm on the (display).

"I love it. It's better than the Hollywood Walk of Fame thing with the stars. From what I understand, all you have to do is get 2,000 signatures and pay like $1,500 or something. So you buy one really. Well this, I kinda earned this one."

24/01/2005 02:55