Lauren Silverman's custody agreement could prevent her from moving to Miami with Simon Cowell.

The socialite had hoped to move to Florida with the music mogul when their baby arrives in February, but she could be forced to stay in New York because she can't take her seven-year-old son Adam away from her ex-husband Andrew because of their deal over the youngster's care.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: ''She wants to move to Miami, where her parents live, but she can't because her son lives here. And she can't take Adam out of the state, per her custody agreement.''

The brunette beauty, who left her husband after it emerged she was carrying Simon's baby, finalised her divorce with her ex-spouse earlier this month, but a clause in the legal documents state that she can't take their child out of the Big Apple, where he lives with his father and attends school.

Additionally, another clause in the settlement, which expires in 2015, prevents the 'X Factor' boss being near Adam at any time, otherwise Lauren will be forced to pay Andrew a fine of $50,000.

Simon is selling his bachelor pad in Los Angeles and is looking for a family-friendly home in Miami in preparation for his son, although the couple plan for the birth of their first child to take place in New York.