For A Good Time, Call' is the newest film from Canadian director Jamie Travis and writing duo Katie Anne Naylon and Lauren Miller, who also stars in the movie. It is something of a first timer for all three involved here, and follows former college friend/enemies Lauren and Katie, who move into a fabulous Gramercy Park apartment together. With money too tight to mention, the unlikely duo start a phone sex line together with hilarity (and even a love story) ensuing.

So far, critics have not responded overwhelmingly warmly to the film, and it just squeezes into the 'Fresh' rating at, with 60 per cent. Still, there have been some rather positive reviews for the new film, with Entertainment Weekly giving it a mark of B, saying the movie "makes the dirtiest episode of Sex and the City look like Doris Day fluff." The film does suffer plenty of 'mixed' reviews though, with Variety describing it as a movie that "doesn't rise much above sitcom level in material or execution, but provides enough laughs and goodwill to be disarmingly entertaining." Meanwhile, USA Today frankly state that the film, "Does its share of teasing, but amounts to nothing serious."

The worst review of all comes from Time Out magazine, who describe the flick as "a Travis-ty" in regards to the director, who the reviewer continually lauds for his work on the "extraordinary 'Pattern trilogy." The film also stars Ari Graynor, Justin Long and Seth Rogen, and is out in cinemas now in the US, and on November 2nd in the UK.