Lauren Hutton started designing clothes at 13 years old.

The 73-year-old model has revealed she started to make her own garments when she was a teenager because her and her family were ''challenged financially'' and could not afford to constantly buy new outfits.

Speaking to Stylist magazine about her upbringing and first foray into fashion, she said: ''I started making my own clothes around 113 because we were challenged financially. Curves were very big in the Fifties. Tall, skinny girls were not 'in vogue'.''

But the 'Paper Lion' actress used her petite body shape to her advantage and started to alter the length of her dresses and skirts, which was unusual at the time and did not become fashion able to do until two decades later.

She explained: ''And I looked very carefully in the mirror and my curves were my knees and my elbows. So I raised my blue velvet dress so it came above my knees. Miniskirts weren't to come in for about 20 years, so it was scandal.''

And Lauren's homemade creations, which were deemed a ''scandal'', saw her expelled from school for one day.

She added: ''I was expelled for the day.''

But that was not the first time the style icon was sent home from school for her unusual wardrobe choices.

She explained: ''I sat down and this thing [intricate skirt made of chicken wire] flew over my head. I guess my panties showed, I don't know because I couldn't see anything. Anyway, they sent me home, another scandal. I was involved in a lot of clothing scandals.''

Although Lauren's designs saw her get into a lot of trouble, she thinks she would have been a great fashion designer if she took her hobby seriously.

She said: ''I probably would have made a good designer''.