Lauren Hutton ''doesn't like'' working with hair and make-up artists.

The 73-year-old supermodel believes cosmetic experts are unused to working with older skin, so she'd rather attend to her own appearance than hurt their feelings by criticising their work.

She said: ''I don't like to work with hair and make-up because they don't seem to know very much. Well, who can blame them? They've never had a senior wrinkle in their lives and, suddenly, they're looking at me and I've got wrinkles through my eyebrows and everywhere else, you know, it's a Minotaur's maze.

''I don't want to have to hurt their feelings but I end up saying, 'Hands off, let me do this. We're going into a labyrinth and I know it'' and I just hurt their feelings and they get sniffy.''

The veteran model admits she's considered cosmetic surgery ''a million times'' but accepts her appearance for what it is.

She told Grazia magazine: ''Are you kidding? A million times [surgery] has occurred to me.

''I've smoked and I've been on the equator for six months of the year for most of my adult life and that's a tough sun.

''I'm a mass of polka dots and I don't like them but that's just the way it is. I'm not gonna go take them all off.''

Despite her advancing years, Lauren thinks it is important to keep modelling because she brings other people confidence.

She said: ''I keep telling myself it's very important, because it gives courage, especially to girls, it gives them some place to go to.

''When I tell them my age, they get taller right in front of me, their eyes get bigger, they just get filled with spirit.''