Former supermodel Lauren Hutton waited until she was 61 to strip off for a men's magazine - because she didn't want to embarrass her younger sisters at the height of her fame.
The 66 year old admits she turned down countless offers to bare all for Playboy, but thought it would be refreshing for the world to see what an in-shape 60-something woman looked like when she agreed to peel off for Big magazine.
She explains, "I had young sisters, and I didn't think it was good for them in school to have a nude sister.
"I didn't want people looking at me going down the street and making me more of a mark than I already was.
"By the time I was 61, I thought it would be good then because I was in good shape, and I wanted to show them what a 61 year old looked like. Without fake this and sucked-out that."