Lauren Goodger has been stood down from her filming commitments on The Only Way is Essex after a showdown with producers at a party over the weekend. Goodger accused show bosses of treating her badly and declaring she was the star of the reality show, reports the UK's Sun newspaper.
Furious producers told Lauren to stay away from the show ahead of a make-or-break meeting this week. They are said to have been incensed by Goodger's threats that she would leave Itv to join MTV with her sisters, to become 'The British Kardashians'. The showdown happened on Sunday evening (April 29, 2012) after Lauren became annoyed that her scenes at a party kept getting pushed back. An insider revealed, "Lauren was screaming at a producer and being a right diva saying the programme treated her appallingly after her scenes kept getting pushed back.Bosses were livid as Lauren was already an hour late while the rest of the crew had been there all day filming Arg, Billi and Cara doing the marathon".
Goodger will not appear in Wednesday's episode of the show as a result and will wait to hear the outcome of an emergency meeting between show bosses. Goodger took to Twitter after the incident to say, "Never been so angry in all my life! All I can say is what a shame".