Lauren Conrad loves her friends to constantly tell her she's "uncool".

The former 'Hills' star says she surrounds herself with people who she knows will keep her grounded as they refuse to shower her with compliments.

She said: "One way to stay grounded in the entertainment industry is to surround yourself with very good people that will constantly remind you how uncool you are. It helps that I have an amazing family and I have really great friends that I've had since I was a little kid and they're all still around me, reminding me how lame I am."

Lauren also says she has to make a lot of compromises in her life in order to get the correct balance between work and play.

She told Women's Health magazine: "When you are working really hard and you're really focused on your career, a lot of other things suffer. It takes a lot of effort to have a successful career, have great relationships in your life and have a healthy lifestyle. It's just about compromise.

"It helps if your friends and boyfriend like to work out because then you can kill two birds with one stone."

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