Lauren Conrad won't be celebrating Valentine's Day (14.02.10) this year.

The former 'Hills' star isn't a fan of the romantic day as it's so overhyped and would rather do something special with boyfriend Kyle Howard another time.

She said: "I usually don't make plans for Valentines Day. It's so forced. I would rather get a sweet surprise on a Tuesday and reservations are impossible."

Lauren also admits she no longer watches 'The Hills' and instead gets her reality TV fix from another MTV show, 'Jersey Shore'.

She said: "I haven't seen it since I left. But I watch 'Jersey Shore' so I am still supporting MTV."

"Last night was the highlight, it was a double episode. There was two! There's this one part where Ronnie hits a guy and they don't really get the hit... Ronnie knocks him out."

"I really like J Wow because she can throw a punch!"