Lauren Conrad's ex-boyfriend says he's on "good terms" with her.

Jason Wahler - who dated the former 'Hills' stunner during her time on the MTV show - has turned his life around following a number of drink driving arrests and spells in rehab.

He told Us Weekly: "Everything's going well now. I actually got all my old friends back, everybody that I was with in the past."

Before he made amends, Jason was arrested six times for alcohol-related incidents, but his life is now "so much better".

He added: "I was in a dark place in my life and it was something I had to clear up. It's taken a lot of time and I had a lot of destruction, but it's going well now.

"I work with the rehab now and I'm actually being of service, giving back.

"In a way, life is just so much better. I'm excited for the next year. Everything has just been so positive."

Earlier this year, Jason revealed he waited to turn his life around before he got back in touch with the 25-year-old beauty.

He explained: "I wanted to make amends with Lauren. She was a big part of my life and there's stuff that happened in the past with my drunken ways that I needed to address.

"She's an incredible person and so supportive of anything I do to stay clean. But the timing had to be right before I reached back out.

"I needed to humble myself a lot. A lot of those ['Laguna Beach'] people knew me before all the bad stuff, and thankfully I've been able to rekindle a lot of my old friendships."