Lauren Conrad's mile high beauty tips


Lauren Conrad advises frequent flyers to avoid airplane mirrors because they ''show every imperfection''.

The reality TV star and fashion designer leads a jet-setting lifestyle, which can leave her feeling exhuasted, so has come up with the perfect way to avoid looking or feeling down while at high altitude - not looking at herself.

In a new blog post on her website, she said: ''I have one tip to add. Spend as little time as possible looking at yourself in the airplane bathroom. That terrible lighting shows every imperfection!''

The author recently travelled across the United States for her latest book tour and revealed her numerous flights took their toll on her skin.

Lauren wrote: ''Between disrupted sleep patterns and stale airplane air, my skin can go from great to bad in a matter of hours. Throughout my years of book tours and cross-country business trips, I have found that it's nearly impossible to maintain a consistent beauty and skincare routine when travelling.''

However, the former 'The Hills' star explained that making sure you drink plenty of fluids can help combat the travel woes.

She said: ''Being at a higher altitude will make your skin extra dry and take away that plump, dewy look that defines beautiful healthy skin. Drink plenty of water pre-travel, post-travel and during travel to keep your skin cells hydrated and healthy.''


Lauren Conrad