Lauren Conrad still does not talk to Heidi Montag.

The former best friends - who rose to fame on MTV show 'The Hills' - fell out soon after Heidi began her turbulent relationship with husband Spencer Pratt in 2006.

Despite Heidi previously taking to twitter to tell Lauren she ''misses'' her, Lauren says that while she still sees costar Stephanie Pratt, she has nothing to do with Heidi.

She said: ''I don't talk to Heidi. I still hang out with Stephanie a lot. I run into the other girls and say, 'Hi', but everyone is so busy doing their own thing. It's nice to see them every once in a while.''

The Paper Crown fashion designer - who was vocal in her disapproval of Heidi and Spencer's relationship - admits she enjoys life more without the cameras following her.

She told US Weekly: ''[I'm happy] not being filmed all the time.

''I miss a lot of people that I got to work with, though. I had such a nice experience with everyone.

''I still keep in touch with a lot of the people from production and people I got to work with. I miss seeing them every day, but I'm happier now.''

With two fashion lines, a beauty website and a successful career as a novelist, Lauren insists a return to television will not be on the cards any time soon.

She added: ''Never say never, but as of now, I'm not currently looking to be on television. I think I'm in a good place where I'm very busy and I'm very fortunate to be able to do a lot of things that I really enjoy doing. Maybe someday.''