Lauren Bacall's son was blindsided by her sudden death in August (14) as she passed away just weeks before his upcoming wedding.

Stephen Bogart, the movie icon's son with acting legend Humphrey Bogart, has confirmed he is to wed Carla Soviero in New York in November (14) and he was planning the ceremony at the time his mother died.

Speaking to the New York Post, the producer/writer admits he is devastated that Bacall will not be at his nuptials.

He says, "It's my third marriage, her second... She's an executive with (information provider) NewsBank. I knew Carla long ago, but we separated then reconnected. I'm 66, she's 60. We're together awhile but... everybody's dying. Even our dog died. Look, mom was getting up there. Our November wedding was close - and she died. She wasn't even sick. I'd spoken to her just before. My sister's coming from L.A. My brother's arriving from Denmark."

Bacall passed away on 12 August (14) at the age of 89 after suffering a stroke at her home in Manhattan, New York.