Veteran actress Lauren Bacall is on the hunt for a male escort after playing an aging socialite who hires one in new film THE WALKER. The movie icon, 83, has always admired women like former U.S. First Lady Nancy Reagan, who hired handsome 'walkers' just to accompany them to glitzy parties and functions. And, after playing a society lady in Washington, D.C. in Paul Schrader's new film, Bacall admits she could quite get used to having a regular companion. She says, "I would guess they come in handy sometime.... I think they have a function. "Obviously they had a function during the Reagan administration in a big way because I knew Jerry Zipkin, who was Nancy Reagan's walker, quite well and he was very busy. "I think it can be very convenient if you're a woman alone and you want to go to the theatre, it's great to have someone to go with. I unfortunately don't have one. I'd love to have a male escort but I don't know any."