Veteran actress Lauren Bacall was pleasantly surprised her co-star-turned-husband Humphrey Bogart wasn't a real life bad boy, unlike his reputation onscreen. The To Have and Have Not star never thought twice about marrying Bogart, despite the fact she was 19 and he was 44. She says, "People surprise you. Bogey was an avid reader. I thought he was one of those 'deez, dem and doze' guys. I didn't know his father was a doctor and his mother was an artist. I thought, 'Ugh, lordy!', but he spoke well and was well read. "Certainly Bogey was the most gigantic influence on me in the most positive way and I was very, very lucky to have been so moulded as a teenager by this older man who was younger than I was in so many ways. "He had incredible energy - he had more energy than I did at 19. He was physically able to do more."