Legendary actress Lauren Bacall refuses to retire from filmmaking because working helps to keep her feeling vital. The 82-year-old, whose career spans over 60 years, keeps making films, but is not happy about the current state of the movie industry. She explains, "I have too much energy to stop working and I don't believe in retirement." Bacall says making films "means to me mostly...staying alive." THE BIG SLEEP star blames television for dragging down the standard of films saying, "I think there are still people who really want to do good work. "Unfortunately, in television, sometimes they want to do good work but a lot of the time they're doing terrible work and I think that has affected moviemaking badly." She adds, "At the end of every movie, always I'm feeling, 'You're never going to work again. That's going to happen one day, but I hope I'm not alive!"