Laura Ziskin, the American producer, studio executive and charity campaigner, has died aged 61. Laura Ziskin, best known for producing 'Pretty Woman' and the 'Spider-Man' movies, lost her battle with breast cancer after first being diagnosed in 2004, reports Bbc News.
The Hollywood veteran had been working on the latest 'Spider-Man' movie prior to her death. In addition to making films, the 61-year-old also produced the Academy Awards telecast on two occasions, in 2002 and 2007. After starting out as a personal assistant, Ziskin's career spanned three decades, with her early successes including Kevin Costner's 'No Way Out', David Fincher's acclaimed 'Fight Club' and the Oscar-winning 'As Good As It Gets'. She became president of 'Fox 2000' between 1994 and 1999, the studio that produced the acclaimed war dramas 'Courage Under Fire' and 'The Thin Red Line'. She later signed a production deal with Sony Pictures, where she worked on Sam Raimi's acclaimed 'Spider-Man' trilogy. Ziskin co-founded 'Stand Up to Cancer', a charity that has raised more than $200m for cancer research. The charity's co-founder Katie Couric once described her close friend as "one of the most courageous people I've ever known".
Laura Ziskin is survived by her screenwriter husband Alvin Sargent and her daughter from a previous marriage.