The 30-year-old musician's parents divorced when she was 21, causing her to break ties with her father, several years before her rise to stardom.

Laura was brought up in a conservative Christian household, and in recent years has battled depression and had to cope with her own divorce from musician Themba Mvula, but now says she's beginning the process of reconciling with her dad.

"There was a distance between my father and me after the split but we’ve begun the process of bridging that gap," she tells British newspaper The Guardian. "These things take time."

And the star says that even though she is still upset by her parents' split, having parted from her husband herself has helped her empathise with her father and mother's decision.

She explains, "We weren’t aware of that much trouble but, terrible though it sounds – and the split remains traumatic – but there’s a strange relief in knowing that my parents are just like me and I’m just like them."

Despite her negative experiences with marriage, the Green Garden singer says she's ready to give long-term love another try.

Laura adds,"I do think about marriage and children. I yearn to build a family and to be in love, and sometimes I think, how is that going to happen now? But I have started to look at my life and what I’m doing now and I can quite confidently say, 'yeah, this is what I want and I look forward to that, some day.'"

Her love of family stems from how her own helped her deal with a crippling bout of depression which has threatened to derail her career.

"I suffer from depression and anxiety and, in all seriousness, I would not be here today without my brother and sister’s unconditional love," she says.