Laura Linney still can't get used to her nights out at the Oscars, despite attending the big event three times in the last decade. The actress was nominated for her third Oscar for her role in The Savages after having lost out on Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress prizes in 2001 and 2005 respectively. But she'll never forget her Academy Awards debut in 1999, as The Truman Show director Peter Weir's date - and she still feels like somebody else's date when she attends the awards show. She explains, "I went as Peter Weir's date when The Truman Show was nominated. His wife was unable to attend, they called and asked if I would go with him. "I got all dressed up and I was in a blue sparkly dress and my hair was all done... I just couldn't quite put it together that that's where I was and... I feel that way every time I go. "There are very few things that are real events anymore, there are few things that are really a surprise anymore and the Oscars still does have that sort of sparkle to it."