Movie star Laura Linney has learned to forgive her peers their apparently crazy on-set demands because she has learned there's always method among the madness.

The LOVE ACTUALLY star accepts there are actors and actresses whose bad behaviour and diva demands can't be tolerated, but she insists not all bizarre on-set "needs" are that weird.

She says, "I hear a lot of stories about actors who have famous fits and there is bad behaviour and some of that bad behaviour is, honest to God, just bad behaviour, and then there's some of it where I go, 'Well, of course they flipped out, of course they stormed off and locked themselves in their trailer.'

"I remember the great big story about Kim Basinger about how she insisted on having Evian water to wash her hair. They made this huge thing to embarrass her about that.

"Well, as someone who's been blonde and every other colour in the world, when you're in a remote location, and they've dyed your hair blonde for the 15th time because some producer wants you to look a certain way, you wash your hair and your hair turns green because of the minerals in the water.

"So probably she just wanted clean water to wash her hair so it doesn't turn green."