Movie star Laura Linney has an odd talent - she can telekinetically turn the TV on when she wakes up.

The LOVE ACTUALLY star has an in-built body-clock that wakes her up at 4am every morning without fail - and she finds the TV comes on at the same time.

She explains, "4am is my witching hour. I am not going through periods of stress or anything like that, but, at 4am, my eyes will always flap open, and the television turns on. I'd just start to laugh.

"It happened once and I felt, like, 'That's weird,' and then it happened again."

Linney admits the odd personal phenomenon was a daily occurrence while she was filming real-life exorcism movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

She adds, "It happened like three or four times and my co-star Jennifer Carpenter's stereo kept turning on. I felt, like, 'OK, faulty wiring, maybe."