MULHOLLAND DRIVE star Laura Harring is glad she was accidentally shot in the head as a child - because it made her determined to succeed in life.

The stunning 40-year-old was just 12 when she was caught in the middle of a drive-by shooting during a family outing to the cinema.

And when the nurse finally told her she was going to pull through, she vowed to follow her dreams and make the most of life.

She explains, "It was a drive-by shooting in Texas with someone trying to shoot someone else and I was shot in the head. One millimetre closer and the bullet would have shattered my skull.

"That was something that really changed my life, when I was shot in the head with an .45. I thought then - at a very young age - that I had not done anything with my life.

"I felt it couldn't be true that I was dying. But there was a certain feeling inside that has helped me to do all of the things I have done in my life."

09/09/2004 02:44