Laura Dern is eager to learn more about her 'Star Wars' character Vice Admiral Holdo.

The 51-year-old actress portrayed the character in the eighth instalment of the hit sci-fi franchise 'The Last Jedi' which was helmed by Rian Johnson, but although Holdo is last seen crashing her Resistance ship into the enemy fleet, her death is not seen on screen.

Many fans speculated she actually managed to escape, and the actress admitted it would be ''heartbreaking'' not to return to the franchise.

She told The Evening Standard: ''This is the message to send to the world, I am absolutely comfortable with that theory.

''I'm thrilled to be a hero but I remember a long time ago, someone saying, 'No one dies in space'.

''I'm eager to learn about the future - or the past - of this character only because I loved playing her so much it would be heartbreaking not to have an experience of playing her again.

''Whether or not there's an escape pod - unfortunately I'm not the one that knows!''

Dern also revealed she met with filmmaker Johnson to discuss the role before she knew it was a part in 'Star Wars'.

She said: ''From the moment the seven year old in me wakes up and you're having lunch in Hollywood with Rian Johnson, an independent filmmaker you really like, and he starts talking to you about having written a role for you in something, and talks about the complexities of that character.

''I listened and I was interested. I said, 'This is very abstract and otherworldly...' and he said, 'Yes - it is 'Star Wars!'

''Everything about it was magical. On set, you'd be having a tea break and Chewbacca would come over and give you a hug.''

Dern isn't the only star who doesn't know if her character will ever return to the franchise after Lupita Nyong'o (Maz Kanata) and Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma) both admitted they haven't heard anything about the upcoming ninth movie.