Actress Laura Carmichael can boast that she has been in Meryl Streep's pants - she wore the movie superstar's trousers from Out of Africa in a Downton Abbey farm scene.
The British star, who plays Lady Edith in the hit TV series, was thrilled to discover she would be wearing Streep's recycled clothes from the classic 1985 film in an episode - but the thrill was short-lived.
In an interview featured on the newly-released Downton Abbey season two Dvd, she explains, "They (trousers) were from Out of Africa and I was very excited that I was going to wear them, and then they decided to remake them. So I was gutted when I came back for the second fitting and they weren't actually Meryl Streep's trousers anymore.
"But then the costume guy brought a load of Meryl Streep's blouses, so I was happy."
Carmichael is convinced she was wearing one of Streep's Out of Africa blouses in the scene.