Elizabeth Banks has admitted being initially daunted by the prospect of playing Laura Bush in Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic W.

The 34-year-old, best known for her roles in TV comedy SCRUBS and the Spider-Man franchise, said it was "very intimating" to play the first lady.

"You worry that she's going to see the movie and audit me," Banks told inthenews.co.uk.

"It's very intimidating; it's intimidating because she's very much an enigma, she's a very private person and we're trying to tell the private story of these people and they've never put a camera in their kitchen or their bedroom," she continued.

"So I'm just doing my best to figure out who this person is and digging through as much biographical information as I could get my hands on to do that."

Banks, who stars opposite Josh Brolin as the eponymous George W Bush, revealed to inthenews.co.uk that she had met Laura Bush in 2003 when she screened Seabiscuit at the White House.

Did she expect to be invited back anytime soon? "Not for this movie," Banks replied.

Next up for the actress is comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno, in which she stars alongside Seth Rogen.

But Banks denied that the film marked a departure from her work on W.

"Not really, it's just another movie about bush," she said.

25/10/2008 00:01:01