Laura Bailey worries she is accident prone.

The stunning model - who was recently named the new ambassador for the British Fashion Council (BFC) - has such a hectic life between work and raising her children Luc, six, and Lola Tiger, three with her partner Eric Fellner, that she often gets in to all sorts of scrapes.

She told Red magazine: "I was wrestling with a bike chain last night and friends would say that was very me. I was coming back from a restaurant after a girlie dinner and the chain fell off. I was determined to fix it and it just would not go back on. I still had my fancy manicure from the Red shoot, but it was 2am and I was covered in oil. Ridiculous!

"What with my cold and now the bike chain. I have a feeling it's all a sign I need to slow down."

Although Laura is one of Britain's best know models, she admits she never considered the career when she was younger and was instead more interested in a career in sport.

She said: "I mean, look at how fortunate I've been. I had no career plan - and I do so admire people who have them - things have just snuck up on me.

"I was sporty and outdoorsy. I might have dreamt about something ridiculous, like being in the Olympics, but fashion? Never."

The full interview is out tomorrow (06.08.11) in the September issue of Red magazine.