Following mixed reaction to the 48-frames-per-second preview of The Hobbit earlier this year -- some critics at the CinemaCon theater convention in Las Vegas in April thought that the film made everything appear too realistic -- Warner Bros. has apparently decided to limit the number of theaters showing it in that format to around 450. The film is expected to open in about 4,000 theaters on Dec. 14. All of the theaters screening it in the new format will offer it in 3D. Warner Bros. distribution chief Dan Fellman said Tuesday that, while a 3D surcharge will be tacked on at those theaters, no additional charge for the 48 fps version will be applied. 450 is a very manageable number [of theaters] for us to make sure the installations are proper and can be checked before the movie plays, Fellman told The Los Angeles Times. If the success is what we think it will be, by the second Hobbit, we'll be much wider. The film will also be screened in conventional 3D, 2D, and IMAX formats. There was no indication of whether any IMAX theaters will be screening it at the 48 fps rate.