At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Wednesday, Panasonic unveiled a new plasma-screen TV model that could justifiably be called a 3D IMAX for the home. Measuring 152 inches wide with nearly four times the definition of standard high-definition screens, the unnamed model "faithfully reproduc[es] 3D content such as Hollywood movie titles," Panasonic said in a statement. Panasonic also disclosed that the panel incorporates a technology that displays a frame-at-a-time method rather than the current line-at-a-time method, thereby delivering a "true 3D movie-theater experience." The company did not indicate when the new display will be marketed or how much it will cost. Meanwhile, several reports indicated that the CES exhibition hall appeared to be flooded with 3D prototypes and new models from top Asian manufacturers. Commented Daily Variety "These products make clear that 3D is about to make a big leap to smaller screens." (Or, in Panasonic's case, bigger screens as well.)