As controversy continued to swirl around IMAX's move to install smaller screens in multiplexes, Daily Variety has reported that David Russo plans to direct a film featuring the Las Vegas favorites Blue Man Group that will be filmed using the traditional large format IMAX cameras and shown only on the giant screens installed mostly in museums, planetariums, and the like. The huge IMAX cameras used in the filming notoriously make too much noise for traditional sound recording, making BMG's mostly pantomime performances ideal for the format. Meanwhile, IMAX officials maintained Tuesday that they have been installing smaller screens in multiplexes for the past six years without controversy and that the screens are installed in such a way -- closer to the audience -- that they give the perception of larger size. The controversy over IMAX's new screen size was kicked up recently by Parks and Recreation actor Aziz Ansari, who said that he felt he had been ripped off when he paid a premium price to see Star Trek on an IMAX screen only to discover that the screen was only slightly larger than those in conventional theaters.