Dolby Laboratories, the company best known for its sound systems, announced Monday that it has developed 3D technology for its digital theater projectors that can used in conjunction with conventional movie screens and inexpensive 3D glasses. In a statement released at the ShoWest exhibitors' convention in Las Vegas, Dolby VP and GM Tim Partridge said, "Although we are in the early stages of testing Dolby 3D, we are very happy with the way it looks to date." The Dolby 3D Digital Cinema technology can be employed with any installed Dolby digital projector, which can be switched from 3D to 2D automatically, the company said. It did not indicate when it will begin testing the 3D units publicly. Meanwhile, in a separate announcement, Dreamworks animation said Monday that it plans to release all of its new features in 3D beginning in 2009. However, CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg told today's (Tuesday) Daily Variety that the studio has no plans to convert previously produced features to 3D. The conversion system, he said, "doesn't begin to touch the quality of product that is originated in 3D."