Cable TV operators could make available a new broadband technology, 25 times faster than the one currently supplied, throughout the entire country for about $2 billion -- compared with the $18 billion that Verizon says it will spend to roll out a fiber-optic system that will cover just 14 percent of the country, Comcast new-media chief Steve Craddock told a cable-TV conference in Las Vegas. "It's the kind of money we can find in the sofa cushions," he remarked. Although it was initially reported that the equipment needed to deploy the DOCSIS 3.0 broadband system would not be available for two years, Craddock described that estimate as "totally too late." Multichannel News quoted him as saying, "We'd like to get this as soon as possible" and adding that vendors are cooperating to help push up the timetable by 12-15 months. Doug Semon of Time Warner cable told the trade publication that DOCSIS 3.0 will allow cable operators "to create valuable new services that none of us have thought of yet."