Rocker Lars Ulrich has hinted Metallica are considering releasing outtakes from their documentary SOME KIND OF MONSTER - featuring lengthy sessions of the band in therapy.

Drummer Ulrich is keen to allow fans to see more of the acclaimed film, although he appreciates some scenes can be compared with rock documentary spoof This Is Spinal Tap.

He says, "There's stuff in there that could be interesting for some people, but not for everybody.

"With some of the four or five-hour therapy sessions we went through - which have been poked fun at, and I appreciate that as well as the next Spinal Tap aficionado - maybe we could do something where we left those things unedited, maybe for a two or three hour thing.

"Who knows? We can do it for the 12 people in the fan club who have insomnia!"

22/02/2005 21:32