Larry King 's new interview show 'Larry King Now' kicked off on Monday (July 16, 2012), with Seth Macfarlane joining the veteran host in the studio. Matthew Mcconaughey and Betty White are also lined up as guests for the show's first week.
The nightly series will air on Hulu and Hulu Plus, thanks to a multi-year licensing and distribution deal inked by digital network Ora.TV, which will run the series too. The half-hour show, King's first since making way for Piers Morgan on CNN, will become available in the early evenings, Monday to Thursday. In an entertaining first show, Family Guy star MacFarlane was King's guest, and instructed the veteran television host on how to draw Stewie, the baby from his hit animated show. King - who first got his break in radio in the late 1950s - recently set up his own Twitter account, and starred in a spoof for Will Ferrell's Funny or Die comedic website, wearing his trademark suspenders. Speaking about the new show, Hulu Vice President of Content Andy Forssell said, "Larry King Now is Larry King doing what he does best: talking with top newsmakers, world leaders and entertainers and exploring issues and current events as no other interviewer can".
Amongst Hulu's other new digital include are Richard Linklater's 'Up to Speed' and Morgan Spurlock's docu-series 'A Day in the Life'.