U.S. newsman Larry King is one of the main investors looking to buy beloved baseball team the Los Angeles Dodgers.
The sports club got into financial trouble earlier this year (11) and bosses were eventually forced to file for bankruptcy in June (11).
Team owner Frank MCCourt is looking for a buyer to take over the Dodgers, and King is heading a panel of investors who are interested in making an offer.
And the TV star, who retired from CNN's Larry King Live a year ago (Dec10), reveals it would be a "thrill" to be involved in the purchase, as he's a lifelong Dodgers fan.
He tells Cnn.com, "It would be a thrill of a lifetime to be a part owner, a partial owner, of a team I grew up rooting for as a child in Brooklyn.
"To go to a ballpark and have an owner's box, to even have a say in a possible trade - are you out of your mind? What bigger thrill?"
The Dodgers were based in Brooklyn, New York until moving to Los Angeles in 1958.