Chat-show host Larry King has confused controversial director Michael Moore by inexplicably ending talks to book the film-maker for his prime-time talk show.

King's producers were negotiating to have the FAHRENHEIT 9/11 star on the LARRY KING LIVE show - and even told Moore's agents they wanted a White House representative on the show to rebut the film's anti-Bush comments - but King's team have refused to continue with the booking, raising suspicions the president's advisors urged King to reject the outspoken political activist.

CNN spokesman MATT FURMAN says, "We don't get into the details of our bookings, but we were considering Moore. His not coming on had nothing to do with the White House. We'd love to have him on someday."

White House spokesman TRENT DUFFY says, "The White House does not do movie reviews."

Recent hour-long guests on the show have included the parents of serial killer JEFFREY DAHMER and risque psychic CHAR MARGOLIS.

14/07/2004 17:20