US newsman Larry King's wife Shawn King took more than two years to record her debut country album - because she insisted on her two young children being in the studio for most of the process.

Shawn, who became Larry's seventh wife in 1997, travelled between her New York home and the Tennessee recording studio recording and perfecting IN MY OWN BACKYARD, which was released on 6 September (05).

She says, "It was two and a half years of putting this project together because I wanted the kids to be with me for most of the process of the recording. I think it's important that kids see what their parents do when they go out the door to go to work, so we bring our kids with us to work.

"Taking the kids to Nashville, which is where we did most of the recording was a long process."

And veteran broadcaster Larry is highly impressed with the results, adding, "I think it turned out wonderfully. She sings great."