ROBERT BLAKE sat down for his first live full TV interview since his murder acquittal last night (16MAY05) - and quickly informed newsman Larry King that he didn't want to be there.

Former BARETTA star Blake was cleared of the 2001 murder of BONNY LEE BAKLEY in a criminal court in March (05), and sat down with King to discuss his new life for a free man.

But just three minutes into the hour long interview, Blake told King, "I gotta tell you the truth - I don't really wanna be here. Don't take it personal, please, just hear me out. This is not my style to do one-on-one.

"I mean, I wish you had a bus full of ladies with blue hair from Pasadena sitting out there so we could make 'em laugh...

"But there's some stuff that I would like to say and I couldn't find an audience. OPRAH (WINFREY), whoever I went to they (were reluctant). So that's why I'm here."

But Blake quickly became defensive when viewers called in with questions pertaining to his wife's murder, asking King, "Are we gonna stay on this? How comes when you have everybody else on they talk about their careers, the movies they make?"

During the occasionally-profane interview, Blake jokingly compared his former attorney M GERALD SCHWARTZBACH to a "dog with a d**k at each end" and thanked his fans for their support.

17/05/2005 21:38