Porn boss Larry Flynt has given Arnold Schwarzenegger an extra reason to announce his attention to become Governor of California - he's running for office himself.

The disabled Hustler boss has sparked controversy in Los Angeles by filing papers with the County Registrar - and he's serious.

Flynt plans to solve California's massive budget deficit by making slot machines and other gambling devices more available.

Also among the 200 people who also plan to run for office on 10 August (03) are Michael Jackson and Bill Murray, namesakes of the pop superstar and Charlie's Angels actor.

Arnie, who has yet to announce his intentions to compete in the recall election to oust current Governor Gray Davis, will reveal all on pal Jay Leno's TONIGHT SHOW next Wednesday (06AUG03).

The movie star seems unlikely to run as his pal and former Los Angeles Mayor RICHARD RIORDAN is close to taking over Schwarzenegger's political team. It is felt Arnie will support Riordan, rather than run against him.

01/08/2003 19:47