Hustler magazine boss Larry Flynt is suing his nephews for using the family name to start a new porn enterprise - without his permission.
The publisher fears Jimmy Flynt II and Dustin Flynt will produce "inferior product" that will tarnish his name as they embark on their own porn film venture.
Flynt tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "To come into the adult entertainment business and use my name not only confuses people who buy my products... it could also hurt my name."
But the brothers insist "it's our turn to be successful in this business."
Before branching out on their own the Flynt brothers worked for their uncle for more than a decade. Larry Flynt fired them for being unproductive and claims he gave each of them a generous severance package.
Flynt alleges they used the cash to start a competitive company.
The Hustler boss admits he has seen his nephews' first films and was unimpressed.