Pornographer Larry Flynt has revealed heavyweight US televangelist JERRY FALWELL ate himself to death - because he refused to diet. The God-fearing pastor and politician, who once took Hustler boss Flynt to court over decency issues, came to befriend the publisher years after they battled in court. And Flynt reveals he desperately tried to persuade Falwell to take better care of his weight - and sent him diets that helped him slim down. Flynt says, "He was close to 400 pounds (181 kilogrammes) and, at 70-odd years, anyone knows you don't carry around that kind of weight. "I talked to him, I gave him a couple of diets, I faxed them to his wife, but he just loved to eat. He's one of these guys who don't like to stop smoking and stop eating; they just let it kill them." Falwell died in a Virginia hospital on Tuesday (15May07) after colleagues found him unconscious in his office.