Larry David has been put off reuniting his Curb Your Enthusiasm co-stars for a special final episode of the hit comedy by the savaging his Seinfeld ending received.

The funnyman and his co-writer Jerry Seinfeld brought their 1990s sitcom to a close in 1998 with a one-off feature-length episode but the broadcast was met with a barrage of negative comments from fans who thought it was a poor way to end the show.

The criticism was so stinging that David is determined not to wreck the legacy of his follow-up comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm by returning for a final episode years after the last season aired in 2011.

He tells, "I got so much grief from the Seinfeld finale, which a lot of people intensely disliked, that I no longer feel a need to wrap things up... I wouldn't say I'm mad about it, but it taught me a lesson that if I ever did another show, I wasn't gonna wrap it up."