Fans of 'Saved by the Bell' and Lark Voorhies in particularly got a shock this week, when the actress sat down for an interview with Yahoo's 'The Yo Show'. The actress, now 38, played the spoiled Valley girl Lisa Turtle on the cult show from 1989-1994 but is now sporting a dramatic new appearance.
The internet became abuzz with discussion over how the actress has changed since her 'Saved By The Bell' days. She now sports a dramatically different red hairstyle and a fuller face, complete with heavy makeup. Voorhies now owns her own production company Yo Soy but wouldn't rule out a reunion with her former cast-mates, "I really honestly believe that if it did happen, it wouldn't be a bad thing.We tend to circumvent and come back to this topic quite often . . .so I think the buzz might catch". Mark Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley have all gone on to bigger things, though nobody has thrown cold water on the idea of the reunion.
Voorhies will next appear in the VH1's new reality show Miss You Much - which updates viewers on what their favorite 1990s entertainers are up to now.