The 42-year-old former Saved by The Bell star filed for divorce from Jimmy Green in October (15), just six months after the couple wed in Las Vegas following a whirlwind courtship.

The pair's divorce was finalised on 13 May (16), and in court documents filed on Friday (27May16), both Lark and Jimmy were "restored to the status of single persons" as of 6 May (16).

Many outlets covering the divorce news are quoting comments attributed to Lark via social media in November (15), but her publicist has made it clear the actress never made them.

The spokeswoman says, "She never made any of the statements... I am confirming her divorce and she just would like to move forward with her life."

Speaking about the hack attack last year (15), the publicist insisted Voorhies did not have a profile on Instagram, and revealed she was planning to shut down her official Twitter account after the hacker managed to link it to the fake Instagram page.

The representative said, "Somebody has hacked her Twitter account to the point she is shutting it down... There are several unverified Instagram accounts that are not hers."

Voorhies also addressed the fake posts, adding, "For security and safety measures I will be deactivating my Twitter account until further notice!"