Lari White has died aged 52.

The country singer passed away on Tuesday (23.01.18) following a battle with advanced peritoneal cancer, just five months after she was diagnosed with the rare form of the disease.

A GoFundMe page was set up for her family, husband, songwriter Chuck Cannon, and three children, to help them with the growing medical expenses, and the amount raised has now surpassed $100,000.

Several stars have paid tribute to the 'That's My Baby' hitmaker, including her pal, country singer, Travis Tritt.

He tweeted: ''I'm extremely saddened by the passing of my friend Lari White. She was so talented and a joy to write and record with. My heart goes out to all of Lari's family and friends during this extremely difficult time. (sic)

'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote: ''Gutted by this news. Taught alongside her in the ASCAP Songwriters' program one summer--you've never met a kinder, more talented songwriter. RIP Lari. All my prayers to her family. (sic)''

Singer Richard Marx wrote on Twitter: ''RIP #LariWhite. So sad. #f**kcancer (sic)''

Lari told fans about her diagnosis last November in a post on website Artistworks, where she had been teaching online vocal lessons.

She wrote: ''Dear Students: It grieves me deeply to have to share this news:

''A little over a month ago, on September 27, I was diagnosed with Cancer.

''Although some symptoms were evident through the summer, they would come and go as an upset stomach.

I went to my GP in early July, and the initial tests came back negative. The upset stomach persisted, however, and I made an appointment with my Gastrointerologist. Although I had had a recent clear colonoscopy, out of an abundance of caution we scheduled a CT Scan. The day before the CT Scan, I had my regularly scheduled PAP Smear, which came back abnormal. The CT Scan and the subsequent tests results indicated Cancer and put me in the hospital for exploratory surgery early October.

''The surgery revealed advanced Peritoneal Cancer. Since then a series of complications including pain management, pneumonia and a bowel obstruction requiring emergency surgery has kept me in and out of the hospital fighting for my life. This is, of course, my focus for the foreseeable future.

''It has been my joy to share some of the vocal techniques I use and I hope you will all continue with your journey to become better singers.

''I am so very sorry I cannot be available for you all right now or in the upcoming future. Two more cycles of chemo, another major surgery and keeping on top of medicine and treatment has me bedridden most of the time. This will continue through the rest of 2017 and 2018.

''In the meantime, ArtistWorks has secured a very talented, energetic and qualified substitute teacher who will begin posting video responses for you all next week!

''All I ask is that you keep singing! Make a joyful noise, because I believe Our Creator loves the sound!

''I will deeply appreciate your thoughts and prayers . . . Love, Lari (sic)''

The 'Now I Know' hitmaker starred alongside fellow country singer Tim McGraw, and Gwyneth Paltrow, in 2010 movie 'Country Strong'.

Lari also appeared in the opening and closing scenes on Tom Hanks' 'Castaway' movie as Bettina Peterson, who gives his character road directions.